DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels - Don't Miss Out

DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels? I know, you're probably asking yourself, "What is DropFunnels?"  Let me explain...

While using ClickFunnels for over 18 months and DropFunnels for just a couple weeks as a pre-beta user and tester, I've come to very definitive decision. Choosing between DropFunnels and ClickFunnels really comes down to whether or not your a beginner marketer who's hell bent on earning their first two-comma club award or you're serious about your business.

That may sound harsh, but hear me out...

What really matters is how much you actually care about your own business as well as the clients that you're bringing on-board the platform. The short answer is that ClickFunnels is a great platform for novice marketers who really want (or need) training along with a terrific affiliate program to earn some passive income.  Where as DropFunnels is more for marketers who are not only interested in increasing their and ROI while reducing their overall time and costs, but that of their clients and customers as well. To help you make an educated decision on DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels, I’ve included a few things in the following post:

1. A summary of what each product does.

2. A thorough comparison of features

3. My vote who wins the "DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels Challenge"

4. What you should use




DropFunnels Logo

The Ultimate Marketing System You've Been Waiting For...

  • DropFunnels is a Complete Front-End Website Builder and Marketing System

  • Drag-and-drop web page and funnel builder

  • Dozens of conversion-focused templates

  • Powerful SEO tools and optimization that allows for ranking every single page... including your funnels.

  • Complete checkout system with up-sell/down-sell modules and payment processing

  • Secure membership sites

  • A complete business in a box to showcase your products, process payments, build your list and generate leads and sales.

  • CRM system, lead tracking, affiliate link tracker and more...


  • Design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel.

  • Integrations with payment processors, autoresponders, and WordPress.

  • Hundreds of page and funnel templates

  • Huge community of successful entrepreneurs

  • A hugely popular affiliate program where you can market various ClickFunnels products, training and mentoring programs, and even books to get customers into the funnel.

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Enabling People To Grow Their Companies Through Sales Funnels

Click Funnels:  What Makes Them Good?

ClickFunnels is a decent tool overall.  It certainly does what it claims to do.  Russell Brunson is pretty much the "Online Sales Funnel Jesus", so I'd expect it to at least be 'ok'.  The funnel templates are robust and there's a slew of different 'funnel types' to choose from.  You may be wondering, "What's a 'funnel type' Pete?", which brings me to what ClickFunnels does VERY well...

Training.  ClickFunnels is great in providing it's users tons of training that can help them move forward in their business.  There's various days long, weeks long, months long trainings that customers can attend.  There's "free + shipping" books on marketing, copywriting, network marketing.  If you want to learn about marketing online, ClickFunnels is a wheelhouse of information.

For all those training programs there's also a terrific affiliate program for customers to introduce others to ClickFunnels as well.  Let's face it, these training programs aren't just to make you a better marketer, each and every one of them is a strategically planned sales funnel... and personally, I think it's genius.

Drop Funnels:  What Makes Them Good?

DropFunnels is new and fresh and is NOT just a "funnel builder".  In fact,  DropFunnels is a different animal altogether that happens to have a terrific funnel builder built in.  As the man behind the mission, Jordan Mederich says, "DropFunnels is a complete marketing system" to market your business.

Everything you need for marketing online is in DropFunnels.  Your complete authority website framework, WordPress blogging, all of your funnels, built in SEO tools, link tracker for affiliate links, sales and customer tracking and more, is all in DropFunnels.  The convenience is simply unsurpassed.

DropFunnels has something else going for it as well.  It was built with speed in mind, so it's ridiculously fast.  DropFunnels was built on proven stable infrastructures that have become a staple in website creation.  DropFunnels also runs on the AWS platform, making it nearly immune to downtime while increasing it's speed dramatically.  Not only are your tasks within DropFunnels happening quickly, the pages are loading more quickly as well.  This equates to higher conversions, lower bounce rates and more ROI from your marketing budget.

Feature By Feature - DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels

Feature Comparison

DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels

Comparison of Features DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels

Note:  ClickFunnels in fact offers Follow Up Funnels for an autoresponder service in their Platinum Offering ($297).  I choose to use AWeber and the cost varies by how many on your lists.

The Winner - DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels.

First off, I'm going to prefice this with the fact that I love ClickFunnels.  I really do.  I've made more money affiliating for ClickFunnels products than any other product in my digital marketing career.  Russell Brunson and his team are good (arguably the best) at what they do.  But...

The speed and overall convenience of DropFunnels outweighs it all.  In my time with DropFunnels I've been able to recreate all the funnels I had in ClickFunnels in a relatively minimal amount of time.  I say "relatively minimal", because there was a very small learning curve involved for the tricky stuff that ended up not being tricky at all.

My authority website, complete with SSL, blogging, menus, and even legal pages was ready to go in under one minute!  This changes the game when dealing with marketing clients.  Before I walk out the door, my clients are setup and ready to go.  This used to take days to complete.

The funnel builder is sharp and almost too flexible.  I can do anything I could do in ClickFunnels and then some, just a little better and a little faster than I used to.

The page load times are insane and normally less than 2.0 seconds in my testing.  I'm regulary in the 1.4 to 1.8 range on various speed tests.  Quicker page load times directly influence my bottom line and more importantly that of my clients and customers.  For me it's about integrity and knowing a client can get 1.7 second load times as opposed to 7.0+ and see up to an 80% jump in their revenues while doing less work?  It's not even a question to me.

Seeing that everything I need is in DropFunnels, I find myself doing things that I didn't normally do before.  Blogging being the biggest one.  To me, blogging was another world away on my hosting site, another browser tab, logging into my hosting, then logging into WordPress, then figuring out how to put a link in some text?  Forget it.  I actually used WordPress about five times since 2003 and I left each time throwing a fit as to how ridiculous a P.O.S. it was.  Now I find myself wanting to write blog posts because that little "Posts" button on the DropFunnels Dashboard is staring at me all day and I have a built in drag and drop editor that makes it easy.  Not to mention, when using the built-in SEO tools analyzer, it's actually fun getting all the little green lights to come on.

Overall, my time spent with DropFunnels has been amazing.  It doesn't have all the training, books, dream cars, 2 comma clubs, and giant community of 625K people spamming you everything under the sun yet.  But, we know those are just more and more sales funnels to get people in and keep them buying more and more products.  Once you figure that out, you'll see that DropFunnels has one very important thing going for it.  It's simply a far superior tool and that's the only thing that should really matter. 

So Which Should You Use?

I'd love to say, "It depends".  And, I guess if it depends on how much you want to "fit in",  "get that Tshirt", "need that sticker for your laptop", "get a dream car award", "see Tony Robbins at FHL", or even "get a 2CC award"?

Yeah, I guess then and only then, "it depends".

You might be thinking, "But why would you want to go with a brand new product rather than a powerhouse like ClickFunnels?"  Let's face it every time a new company, tool, service, or technology comes to the block there's someone that will ask the same question.

There was actually people who thought the Internet was a bad idea!  Back to business...

You're right, today DropFunnels is in it's infancy (as I'm writing this, there's 4 days till DropFunnels' beta launch!) and I've already cancelled my subscriptions to ClickFunnels, ClickMagick, and BlueHost as DropFunnels handles those three services and everything that goes along with them.  DropFunnels is everything you need all wrapped into one magnificent package.

DropFunnels WILL change the way that online marketers work, I know it has certainly changed mine over the past couple weeks.  It will not only make it easier for digital marketers to do their jobs, but also provides etremely fast loading pages which converts to much better overall numbers.

What's not to love?

First Look At DropFunnels From Day Three

As The Dust Settles - DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels

My judgement for this battle was fair under the guide I set for myself.  DropFunnels doesn't have the momentum yet that ClickFunnels has.  For that reason, I judged the tools themselves.  Let's face it...

As far as marketing goes, Russell Brunson is a complete genius.  Everything he does is a planned step toward a very specific goal.  For instance, he has never just wrote a book.  It was part of a huge marketing campaign with surgical precision that was carried out to perfection.

ClickFunnels is in my honest opinion the #1 marketing company in this arena.  Most of us that use ClickFunnels are somehow involved in marketing and we can all attest to how amazing ClickFunnels' marketing is.  The re-targeting, the follow ups, the emails, the funnels, the launches, the live events... it's a symphony of marketing perfection.  If you're a customer of ClickFunnels you can learn so much by just watching Russell and his team do what they do best.  Scrap the videos and how-to's and additional training altogether and you're still learning the amazing art of marketing from one of the best composers the online marketing scene has ever (and will ever have) experienced.

The ClickFunnels community is top notch and I've chosen to follow many of the best.  There's always someone around to help you along the way if you're stuck with a problem or a question, so the community is great.

The additional trainings are wonderful.  Everything from the Affiliate Bootcamp to the One Funnel Away Challenge to the Funnel Builder Secrets.  All of it is terrific.

ClickFunnels' Affiliate program is one of the easiest affiliate programs going.  Why?  Because they know exactly how to market to their ideal audience and they use the very best sales funnels to work with their offers.  Everything they preach they practice.  They are not dumbies and have been doing this a while.  The ClickFunnels Affiliate program has turned people's lives around in amazing ways, not to mention they pay for how many car payments each and every month?  Phenominal.

With all that I mentioned above I still just shrug my shoulders about ClickFunnels as a tool.  I wouldn't describe ClickFunnels as sleek, slick, and fast.  I'd describe it more like me - clumsy, cumbersome and chunky.

That's why DropFunnels wins this one by objective opinion.  I want a tool that maximizes my efforts and in turn my profits.  With how good DropFunnels is, I can see it having the community, the training, and whatever bells and whistles come next.  It will get there, but it just takes a little time.

Is DropFunnels going to be the "ClickFunnels Killer"?  Probably not today, but if this tool catches on like it should, the sky is the limit.

So sit down, get comfortable and hold on tight, because it's gonna be a really fun ride!  #imwithyou