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This seems to be an interesting question that comes up often when I talk about just part of what I do.  I'm a "Freelance Digital Marketer".  That "Freelance" part means I get to do what I want, and I make time to affiliate for various programs that I honestly believe in.

In and of itself, affiliate marketing is certainly not a scam.  It's a great way for companies to get their products, programs, or services out to a larger customer base by simply cutting a commission check to the affiliates who make sales.  It's simple.

But, There Is A Caveat To Affiliate Marketing

Within the affiliate marketing world, there are players that don't act in the best interest of their customers.  That results in products and programs that could certainly be labelled scams.  However...

The idea that 'affiliate marketing' itself could somehow be a scam is completely delusional and most often the opinion of the same people who don't understand that the Federal Reserve, Social Security and working a 9-5 are by all definitions... ACTUALLY scams.

Affiliate Marketing Is Less Of A Scam Than Being A Typical Distributor.

Distributors actually add an extra middle man to the product life-cycle which raises the price of the product, because everyone needs their cut.  What distributors have is connections that can easily increase the volume of product being sold to retailers and eventually to customers.  So distributors can in fact provide companies with a huge influx of sales, which is certainly good for everyone involved.

Many companies will sign exclusive deals with distributors who can pump their products out to the masses, and in doing so they prevent anyone else from making money as well.  Affiliate programs are created so anyone that's a believer in the product can go ahead and spread the news about the product and benefit from the commission structures.

Last I heard about 85% of companies use affiliate marketing to market their products online.  Online affiliate marketing allows companies to market to a vast amount of audiences that otherwise would not be possible.

Not All Affiliate Programs Are Created Equal.

Integrity is a big part of business.  No matter how good a product is, most companies rely on repeat customers.  Whether they "upsell" other products or maybe get their customers to commit to subscription services, integrity is the key to keeping those customers coming back time and time again.

Repeat customers are usually rewarded to the originating affiliate.  This is a great bonus for online affiliate marketers, because they can continue to provide value to their referred affiliates, keep them posted with new products and services, and continue to make commissions for their hard work.

If you're planning on affiliating for a product, program, or service, it's important to do some research, purchase the product, use the product.  If it works for you, it can work for someone else, but... be cautious when reading reviews.  I've found many reviews of various products that are simply trying to sell you the product rather than providing a truly honest review.

If You'd Like To Get Started In Online Affiliate Marketing...

I recommend reading my blog post on "Why Get Started In Affiliate Marketing".  You can also check out these programs that I highly recommend to learn more about affiliate marketing and have terrific supporting communities where you can see people's results and get guidance.

The Insider's Guide To Affiliate Marketing -

This is a downloadable Ebook that explains everything you need to know about starting a high-ticket online affiliate marketing business and begin creating the freedom we all desire.  The book is just $1.99 and you get amazing bonuses like the "15 Day Business Builder Challenge" that brings you step-by-step through create a plan for success.

DropFunnels Affiliate Program

DropFunnels is just recently released and has been growing quickly.  The product is beyond a doubt the very best in complete marketing systems designed to make marketing easier.  There's a 10 Day Affiliate program and DropFunnels has put together the necessary tools that make affiliating for DropFunnels a breeze including lead magnet, sales funnels, and follow up email swipes.  Getting into this program now, while in it's infancy will prove to be extremely profitable in the long run.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp teaches everything you need to know about affiliating for one of the top online affiliate programs available.  It's a 4 day training program that's completely FREE and can give you a great jump start into the online affiliate marketing space.

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