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What Is DropFunnels?

DropFunnels is a brand new 'Complete Marketing System' software developed by Jordan Mederich to solve most (if not all) of the problems that online digital marketers have in developing and launching their campaigns.

If youve been involved in marketing with ClickFunnels, you may recognize Jordan's name from the infamous "SAM Funnel" that took the world by storm and promptly (more like volutarily) 'shut down' at the suggestion of ClickFunnels.

Everything that Jordan puts together is beyond expectation and he's constantly over-delivering in the value that he provides his members month after month.  DropFunnels is certainly not going to be any different.

DropFunnels has been created to take all the tedious work out launching your websites, blogs, funnels, membership sites, and more.  I'll explain in a just a minute...

Yes, I Actually Cancelled My ClickFunnels Subscription.

I had the priviledge of becoming a DropFunnels user and tester before the product was released in beta to the Expert Launch CORE group.  I had been a member of the group since the very beginning and I ended up winning a simple contest to get the word out about DropFunnels.

I immediately 'funnel hacked' every funnel I was currently using in ClickFunnels, moved in all of my affiliate links to DropFunnels' Link Tracker, started to actually blog (because it's actually easier than I ever thought possible) and I cancelled ClickFunnels, ClickMagick, and my BlueHost subscriptions because I could see they weren't going to be necessary any longer.

So why did I make the switch away from ClickFunnels?

DropFunnels Page Load Speed

Page load speed is something most of us online marketers never think of when it comes to choosing our web hosting and funnel building software, but it's one of the most important things to consider.  Slow page load times can adversely affect the conversion rates of your pages up to 80%.

DropFunnels is built on WordPress framework and runs on AWS which makes it ridiculously fast.  I'm consistently seeing sub-two second page load times, which by industry standards is extremely fast.

DropFunnels Is More Convenient and Easier To Use

By using DropFunnels, I get all of my tools in one place.  There's no need to login to different tools to get my job done.  DropFunnels becomes my WordPress site, SEO tool, link tracker, CRM, funnel builder, and membership site all in one.  I never have to leave to get anything done and because everything's integrated it's just plain easier.

Seeing as everything is in the same place and the whole system is faster, this makes it very easy to use.  Everything that's contained within the system is integrated.  The user interface is simple to find everything you could be looking for.  Drag and drop funnel builder, drag and drop checkouts, order bumps, upsells and other forms makes DropFunnels a no-brainer.

Lastly, My Clients and Customers

I switched to DropFunnels because I can see an amazing amount of value in the product.  I can see how DropFunnels can help save you time and money.  If there's a tool that's available that could increase my client's ROI by 80%... You bet I want them to use it.  I want everyone to use it, because I care about the success of others.

If you're happy with 9 second page load times and dropping 87% of your potential customers to bounce rate?  Go for it... it's your perogative.   As an entrepreneur, I'm always ready to pivot in order to succeed and I'm certainly not competely faithful to any one tool.   Fact is, if you want to save money and time, you may want to consider a change to DropFunnels.

If you're a ClickFunnels customer, or are trying to make a decision as to which sales funnel builder to run with, you should read my objective opinion on DropFunnels vs ClickFunnels.

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